Information Technology

Computer Training

One cannot overemphasize the importance of organizations and businesses making effective use of Information Technology. Effective use saves time, money and avoids frustration. PCWE can help through our wide range of off-the-shelf and customized training programs.

Database Development

Business information in a user-friendly interface

PCWE data experts work with your organization to design database structures to meet your needs.

Computer Systems

Network Installation and Maintenance

PCWE technicians can quickly install upgrades or software programs on your system(s) and provide a maintenance program that will ensure that it works now and that it works next year. You can then focus on what really matters. PCWE is able to offer competitive pricing on new and recycled products--computers, notebooks, printers, etc. New and recycled products are under warranty. We will quote on specific needs and guarantee that price for thirty days.

Computer Upgrades

Everyone whose computer is outdated, raise your hands.

Now how many of you can't afford new computers?

Internet Access

PCWE can arrange affordable high quality Dial-up and High-Speed access for your organization and your home. We were able to save one of our very first clients in excess of $5,000 per year by arranging for less expensive services.

Website Hosting

A web site is the primary image that represents your organization and is vital for local, national, or international visibility. It replaces brochures, fliers, newspaper ads, etc. in communicating your organization's purpose, its services and its news. If you don't have a web site, or your site is inferior in design and quality, that image is negative. More than 90% of organizations are not making effective use of this tool.

Website Design & Maintenance

PCWE has provided affordable web site design services to a variety of organizations. Our sites draw on many years of service to the voluntary sector by PCWF and PCWE.

Free Consultation Service

We offer a free two-hour consultation that can often improve your effectiveness and deliver savings!

In a free two-hour consultation we evaluate your present system and the effectiveness of your use of resources. We then make recommendations for changes to optimize both. We explore your ISP connectivity, your hardware systems, software, training requirements if any, your website or lack of it, and your existing technology plan.

Please contact us for more information.

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